Posted by: euromediablog | March 17, 2009

France’s Newspapers Expand Their Reach

In France the daily newspapers are successfully expanding the number of their readers. A growing rate of 2.3%, or 1.5m people, is the figure that they could reach in 2008. The leading newspaper with 2.7m readers is “20 Minutes” followed by its strong competitor “L’Equipe”. L’Equipe and “Figaro” are expanding slightly, while “Libération” and “Le Monde” are exceptions to the trend – the first losing 3%, the latter almost 10% of the readers in 2008.

One in two French people over 15 read and contribute to the success of the free daily newspapers and paid qualitative press. The Catholic newspaper “La Croix”, with rather serious and unagitated style of journalism and circulation of 100.000 exemplars, reached a growth rate of 15% and thus is the winner of 2008.

The success of the daily newspapers in France seems to have a negative effect on the traditionally strong news magazines such as “Nouvel Observateur” that lost 8% of its readers in 2008.

For further information: (FAZ, 17.03.2009)



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