Posted by: euromediablog | March 18, 2009

European PSB- The Financial Crisis’ Scapegoat

The ubiquotous financial crisis has been strangling the  european advertising markets for the last months. While commercial broadcasters across the continent suffer the full impact of  the advertising breakdown, public service broadcaster enjoy relative stability, due to their public funding models. This stability seems to bother not only private broadcasters, but also media politicians who regard the balance in the dual broadcasting systems as endangered. In order to smoothe evolving disbalance they propose innovative restrictions for the PSBs.

In Great Britain for example, the Torries  suggest to freeze the licence fee for an year and “teach” the BBC to produce more for less.

In Germany on the other hand, media experts propose to ban sponsoring from the public screen and thus allow commercial broadcasters to increase their revenues. FC Bayern Munich’s manager Uli Hoeness came up with an even more original idea, requesting 2€ of the monthly broadcasting fee for the improvement of german soccer.

In the hard financial times ahead public funding will attract more and more attention. But which interests are truly public and worth paying for? That question has always raised controversial answers.

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