Posted by: euromediablog | March 19, 2009

Government vs. Media in Romania

20 years after the fall of communism in Romania the local media faces difficulties in sustaining its basic freedoms. Many journalists lose their jobs or face hundreds of libel cases lodged against them if they manage to upset the authorities. Currently the Romanian media faces the threat of a new draft law that could endanger the press freedom in the country. The legal document would allow people to sue for libel on behalf of the dead. Furthermore the proposed measures include the obligation to print or broadcast an unedited “right to reply” within three days to anyone offended by an article. In case of refusal follows legal action. The list against the public interest continues with the empowering of the courts to confiscate, destroy or withdraw from circulation assets owned by the press or to order the payment of a fine to philanthropy organisations. On Monday Romanian press freedom groups and the European Federation of Journalists called for the withdrawal of the draft law amending the Civil Code in Romania.

For further information: AP and European Federation of Journalists



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