Posted by: euromediablog | March 20, 2009

Television in Eastern Europe: More Channels, Less Independence.

In its actual report on the state of European Television the Open Society Institute draws a pretty pessimistic picture, regarding media freedom in eastern Europe. Pressed by the financial crisis, public service broadcasters and regulatory bodies lose independence as politicians systematically tend to replace independent professionals with partisan allies. This does not only take place in eastern countries, but also in western democracies like Italy, where prime minister Silvio Berlusconi controls indirectly about 90 % of the information output, according to the EUMAP data.
Researchers name the gradual return to overt political control “counter-reformation” and blame the European Commission for not doing enough to safeguard media freedom in Eastern Europe, which is regarded as one of the major criteria for access in the European Union.

You can download the full report here

For further information:  eu observer



  1. […] state-infringements of press freedom can be located not only in Eastern Europe, but also in Italy- according to the latest EUMAP research. The process, also known as counter-reformation, sees the replacement of media professionals by […]

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