Posted by: euromediablog | March 23, 2009

Goody’s Show

Big Brother-1999- Endemol – The Netherlands: The reality format was born in Europe. Shortly after, it revolutionised traditional broadcasting in the whole world, by allowing  normal tv-viewers to enter into the glamourous world of television and entertain the rest of the audience. This turned out to be a killer application in the broadcasting sector and proved profitable for both – producers and participants. While the first group had to think how to adapt the individual biographies and lifestyles of the participants to the specifics of the television language, the second group’s only task was to sell its privacy for a momentary piece of media fame.
By entering in Big Brother’s TV Container, the british girl Jade Goody knew very well the terms of the deal she was closing. Together with its advantages and disadvantages. And one should admit- she made the best out of both. Unlike most flashes in the pan that entered and left the world of reality television, she managed to surf on the broadcasting wave until her last breath, whatever the means. Dying in front of the cameras, she succeeded to conclude her astonishing TV-Career with a classical tragical ending, decorating herself with a good cause.
And now when the show is over, and everybody’s labeling her as “Reality-Queen” we can only conclude:
She deserved it..

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