Posted by: euromediablog | March 23, 2009

Turkish Content in Armenian Language?

Turkey’s national radiostation TRT makes an unexpected step in the future relationship with country’s minorities as it plans to launch an armenian radio programm on its plattform. With Its first transmission  scheduled for 24. 04, the commemoration day of the armenian genocide, the project is expected to warm up the diplomatic relationship between Turkey and Armenia. Furthermore This decision has to be regarded in the context of a broader campaign of the turkish government, starting information services for minorities all around the country, including a Kurdish and a Persian programme.

It is always nice to see media implemented for the process of conflict solving. Let’s hope that these developments are something more than a government’s PR campaign.

For further information: medianetwork



  1. […] is considering a general permission for private media companies to broadcast in local dialects.Following the decision to launch TRT 6, a state-owned channel that broadcasts in Kurdish 24 hours a …,  the government is now planning on granting private stations the right to broadcast in other […]

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