Posted by: euromediablog | March 26, 2009

SOS for European Newspapers

After the financial collapse of many U.S. Newspapers, the European Federation of Journalists  is now alarming the European Parliament about the risks and dangers threatening the European press, due to the global financial crisis. In an open letter to all political leaders, Adrian White and Arne König – respectively general secretary and president of the federation, accused the European Union of not doing enough to save quality newspapers on the continent and demanded a clear political line, regarding the future of European media in the times of economic crisis:
“Democracy requires the provision of reliable, accurate and useful information as a public good. This implies that we need people and resources to produce and circulate it. We believe that journalism and media professionalism, which is the creative heart of European media, must be protected, nourished and encouraged to develop.”
How exactly should quality media be protected remains however vague. One innovative solution comes from the United States, where Senator Benjamin Cardin proposed an act, which would grant newspapers tax-free status as non-profit organisations. Another possible idea could be the reduction of distribution costs for newspapers or subsidising the import prices of paper. But should local newspapers and large newspaper conglomerates both benefit from the support measures? And how can we define which newspaper is a quality one and which one not? All these questions can hopefully find their answers in the upcoming electoral campaigns in Europe.

For further information: EUobserver, IFJ Europe and AFP



  1. […] days ago the European Federation of Journalists sent an official letter to the European Authorities asking for help for the newspaper industry on the continent. And one should admit that the reaction of the European Commission was fast enough: A consultation […]

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