Posted by: euromediablog | April 1, 2009

Paolo Garimberti Becomes President of RAI

Pragmatical Left-Winger from the newspaper sector.

Italy’s public broadcaster will have a new president in the person of Paolo Garimberti, former journalist and newswriter for “La Reppublica”. Choosing a new president for RAI has always been preceded by hard negotiations, with both political parties extremely interested in codetermining the key-figure and thus controlling one of the major agenda-setters for the public opinion in the country.This time however,Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi accepted the proposal of the left-wing parties surprisingly fast and expressed his favour for Garimberti, by describing him as a “pragmatical left-winger”.

Rivals from yesterday- partners for tomorrow

Berlusconi’s change of attitude is politically difficult to explain. One of the possible reasons for his mildness might be the status of his own media corporation Mediaset:  As you know, the last years were signed by a significant growth of the digital Pay-TV sector in the country with one big winner- Murdoch’s SKY Italia. The pay- TV platform could thus enjoy a major advantage in the development of digital television offers with the analogue switch off scheduled for 2012. And it is exactly the fear of losing their analogue dominance in the digital future that unites Italy’s biggest broadcasting corporations- Mediaset and RAI.

Examplary for this strategic alliance is the launch of a common digital terrestrial service- TIVU, already planned for this year. Based on the same principle as UK’s Freesat, the TIVU platform is designed to  digitally transmit free television and should thus counteract SKY Italia’s dominance in the sphere of digital television. Some people say that there’s nothing more uniting than common enemies, and we can be sure that both Garimberti and Berlusconi will share this opinion. At least till 2012…

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