Posted by: euromediablog | April 6, 2009

EU Commission to Help Newspaper Industry?

Few days ago the European Federation of Journalists sent an official letter to the European Authorities asking for help for the newspaper industry on the continent. And one should admit that the reaction of the European Commission was fast enough: A consultation under ther management of the Task Force for Co-ordination of Media Affairs will be held till the end of June and all stakeholders are kindly asked to provide the necessary submissions. The main focus will lie on the problems connected with the establishment of new distribution technologies in the newspaper industry and particlularly on the advertising crisis accompaniing  the internet migration of traditional newspapers:

“Apart from their economic importance, publishing SMEs play a vital role in civil society. A dynamic print sector is important to guarantee press freedom and access to culture” is what the Commission states in its official letter and promises to consider the result of the consultation in the future law-making at European and national level.

If this really happens, we might witness the beginning of a common European strategy for the press industry, an area which was till now reserved for the national legislations. Of course if this really happens…

For further Information: European Commission and Irish Times



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