Posted by: euromediablog | April 8, 2009

Erdogan vs. Rasmussen Part II

Finally- Anders Fogh Rasmussen was officially approved as the future NATO  Secretary General. This was the result of long and hard negotiations with Turkey, which was  stubbornly refusing to accept his appointment. But as we wrote in our article last week – nothing in diplomacy comes for free:

And here is the second part of the diplomatic deal. Rasmussen has just announced that the Denmark based Kurdish TV Station Roj TV will be investigated, because of its eventual economic ties to PKK- the kurdish independence party, regarded by  mainstream policy  as a terrorist organisation. If the results of the investigation turn out to be positive, the prosecutors will force the closure of the uncomfortable Kurdish broadcaster:

“The incoming Danish head of NATO stressed that Denmark is strongly committed to the fight against terrorism and terror related activities, reminding that his country was one of the first to recognize the PKK as a terrorist group” reports PressTV

This diplomatic payback to Erdogan, because of his decisive support on the NATO Issue, will be thus elegantly masked as another step in the global war against Terrorism. Isn’t that a surprise?

For more Information: hurriyet and presstv



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