Posted by: euromediablog | April 15, 2009

Sarkozy’s On-Air-Time Clocked

France makes use of a pretty complicated system for granting an equal amount of speaking time for both political parties and their representatives in the public air throughout the year. A major role in this process has been assigned to the national audiovisual regulatory body- CSA, which records the speaking time of the representatives and thus supervises the air-time dedicated to the competing political agendas. Interestingly, since De Gaulle, the President’s statements have not counted to the overall time of his political party.
A year after Nicolas Sarkozy’s inauguration this matter is about to change. Left wing politicians have just won a case in the Highest Aadministrative Court (Le Conseil d’État) by claiming of being disadvantaged, because of the politically motivated speeches of the “non-party president”. This court decision will automatically enlist Sarkozy’s statements in the overall media account of his party and can therefore have 2 probable outcomes:
Either Sarkozy avoids public on air appearances from now on, in order to spare important time for his party agenda or  his statements get even more polarised.

For the time being, the first option seems pretty absurd.

For further Information: Süddeutsche Zeitung (15.04.2009)


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