Posted by: euromediablog | April 15, 2009

Spain Reduces Advertising Volume

Spain’s PM Zapatero has just announced the government’s plans to reduce advertising volume of the two public service broadcasting channels RTVE1 and RTVE2. The measure will be embedded in a new audiovisual law, expected to be issued this year. Thus the public service broadcaster will from now on have to manage with only 9 minutes of advertising per hour instead of 11.

The government’s action obviously takes example from Sarkozy’s decision to deprive PSB completely of advertising incomes, which means that further advertising reductions are to be expected in Spain as well. Unlike France Televisions however, which is core financed by state subsidies,  the Spanish broadcaster relies much more heavily on advertising revenues (€557,1 milllion per year). This turns a drastic reduction of its broadcasting volume into a significant challenge for RTVE’s future.

Zapatero’s action can also be perceived as the result of successful lobbying from the advertising industry, trying hard to reduce the advertising volume in the country and thus to increase its effectiveness. It asked the government to enforce a European Union-wide limit of 12 minutes of adverts per hour, which is routinely violated by the country’s private broadcasters – a situation similar to that in Estonia. The advertising crisis in Spain is very acute and it is expected to get even worse. Such developments might cause further interesting political reactions of its government.

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