Posted by: euromediablog | April 20, 2009

Going Online is not Always the Way Out for Newspapers

According to a recently published study of the City University of London, switching to an online-version only is not always the best way out of the crisis. Working on the case study of the Finnish financial newspaper Taloussanomat, the scientists came to the conclusion that ditching the print version normally reduces the costs by 50%, while revenues drop by 75%. Thus, it would be pretty useless to switch a newspaper to a online version only, unless the income is 31% or more lower than the overall costs.

Neil Thurman, one of the study’s authors, argues that print editions are still indispensable for most publishing houses, because of three major advantages:

1. Their presence on the news stands is sufficient for a sustainable brandmarketing of the newspaper
2. The bigger newsroom provides better quality of content
3. The very nature of the newspaper seduces its reader to spend more time reading, than when surfing online

We wonder only how long will these arguments last?

For further Information: mediaguardian



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