Posted by: euromediablog | May 7, 2009

Private Sphere Violations – Too Expensive for British Newspapers

A lot of arguments were delivered recently, trying to explain the reasons for the newspaper crisis in Europe. A pretty original one came up in Great Britain, with Guardian’s chief editor- Alan Rusbridger- accusing the strict private sphere regulations of worsening the financial stability of the press. At a hearing of the parlamentary committee for culture and media he claimed that judicial decisions in favour of private sphere and against public interest sometimes cost newspapers more than a million pounds,  thus bringing newspapers in significant financial difficulties.  Such has been the case with Guardian’s investigative research on tax frauds of the Tesco supermarket chain, as well as with the coverage of the Mosley scandal.

As a conclusion he pleaded for a more flexible interpretation of the private sphere of individuals, as long as the articles are of a general public interest.

In general, Rusbridger’s demand poses one relevant question: Would the deregulation of the private sphere in favour of press freedom in a long turn support quality press? Or would it be more beneficient for the yellow press? In the end it depends on the definition of quality newspapers

For further information: FAZ ( 07.05.2009)


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