Posted by: euromediablog | May 12, 2009

Germany’s PSB Initiates Pay TV Services.

For those, who hadn’t managed to see their favourite programme on the television set, there was created the possibility to visit the online mediatheque of the public broadcaster and see the programmes online. Good for the audience-good for the public broadcaster. Both  commercial broadcasters and publishers, however,  did not like the idea that much, because they feared distortion of competition in the online sector.

As a result the online residence permit of  public service contents was limited to 7 days, which left one significant question unanswered: What happens with the contents after that period?

Today, the public service broadcasters announced the idea to cooperate with private video plattforms and thus charge customers for their contents online. However, it is difficult to neglect that those customers are at the same time licence fee payers, who have already paid once for the production of the content. So why should they pay a second time?

ARD and ZDF respond to this critical note by arguing, that the incomes from the online business model will be streamed back to the broadcasters and could thus be used to reduce the general licence fee.How transparent this funding model will be,  remains still  unclear.

For further information: Tagesspiegel


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