Posted by: euromediablog | May 15, 2009

Surveillance Equipment Owners Paying Licence Fees

And that seems to be regular practice in Sweden. Actually, everyone who owns a device technically capable of transmitting or receiving PSB channels is obliged to pay a licence fee, thus supporting Swedish PSB with an annual fee of about 190€.

Most device-owners, who do not watch television on them, (personal computers for example), do not agree to pay the fees- and they are in their right- in one matter: The licence fee has to be tecnologically neutral. The times of the television-sets monopoly in receiving audivisual contents are definetely over- nowadays one can watch television on all possible devices.

So instead of urging device owners to pay the licence fee, because of the technical features of their gadgets- one should rather work on a new profile for the licence fee and name it public communication fee for example. Thus all citizens will be asked to contribute to the sustainance of the qualitаtive public service media in Sweden, regardless of personal preferences.

How much quality and public value Swedish PSB transmitts is a different issue.You can find an interesting and controversial forum discussion between ardent swedish fee-payers and fee-opponents here: the local


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