Posted by: euromediablog | May 20, 2009

Google vs. The City of Hamburg

After the ban in Greece, Google’s service Street View faces once again serious judicial problems in Europe. This time it is  Hamburg and its data protection authority.  Google Inc.  considered the judicial arguement with the German city for already settled. According to Jurgen Caspar, the data protection commissioner of Hamburg, this has not been the case- with Google refusing to answer what it it has been doing with the raw material used for the service and for which purpose has it been storing it. Besides, most of the data has already been sent to the United States.

Google’s vehicles have been filming Hamburg’s streets for more than a month, not being able to evade sensible information like people’s faces and cars’ registration numbers. This private information must be made unidentifiable, in order to respect the personal right of privacy- argues Caspar. Consequently, he sent a 12 point ultimatum to Google’s offices in Germany and USA, urging them to undertake measures for  privacy protectioin and to delete the raw material, used for creating Street View.

The ultimatum’s deadline is Wednesday, 10 O’Clock.

For further information:

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