Posted by: euromediablog | June 10, 2009

European Charter on Freedom of the Press

Press freedom has always been one of those virtues every politician likes to talk about, but is quite uneager to undertake concrete measures for. A positive input comes from Brussels with EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and Germany’s Stern Chief Editor Hans-Ulrich Jörges launching a European Charter on Freedom of the Press.One of the major aims of the document is to limit state influence on the  freedom of expression and requires, amongst other assurances, that journalism in all media be “free of persecution, repression and of political interference by government.”

Such state-infringements of press freedom can be located not only in Eastern Europe, but also in Italy- according to the latest EUMAP research. The process, also known as counter-reformation, sees the replacement of media professionals by partisan allies in key positions and has a significant impact on the image of the media as a whole.

Although the ten-article charter is not legally binding, it is supposed to turn into a relevant requirement for the future admission of member states in the European Union. 28 prominent journalists have already signed the charter, more media professionals are expected to join the initiative and thus force politicians to adopt the charter into national law. Hopefully this time it will be more than words…

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  1. […] the Charter was presented to the EU Commissioner for the Information Society and Media (hat tip: European Media Blog; see EU press […]

  2. […] is time to consider adopting EFFECTIVE measures for safeguarding press freedom on European scale. A newly drafted European Charter on Freedom of the Press has already been  signed in 28 states. Let’s hope that it harvests more practical results than similar diplomatic agreements […]

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