Posted by: euromediablog | June 11, 2009

Hadopi Law in France- Legally Problematic

That is what the top legal authority in France, the Constitutional Counsil ruled on Wednesday. According to the magistrates the HADOPI Agency should not be empowered to deny the internet access of individuals because of internet piracy. The Constititutional Counsil argued that this sanction can be executed only by a judge.Council members based their ruling on the preamble to the French constitution, which lists freedom of communication and expression as a basic right.

The case was brought to the highest national court by the french socialists hoping to thus  prevent the coming into force of the harschest  internet piracy law in Europe. This step will however have only temporary results with French Culture Minister Christine Albanel already announcing the rapid transfer of  power to cut off Internet access to a judge, rather than a state agency.

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