Posted by: euromediablog | June 15, 2009

Eurosport Starts Online Gambling Service

The Paneuropean sports channel Eurosport has just figured out a possible way out of the ubiquitous financial crisis. In a  strategic cooperation with SPS Betting the broadcaster will soon launch an online betting service for nine kinds of sports in Great Britain. Other European countries are soon to follow with Italy joining this October- Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden and Poland in 2010.

The introduction of Europsport’s online betting service in other major markets like Germany will have to wait, because of harsch federal laws still safeguarding the state monopoly on lottery and gambling. These laws will gradually turn obsolete, according to Caroline de Fontenay, marketing director of SPS Betting, who reckons with a european  target player base of 530,000 by 2014:

“Several European countries are starting to deregulate the betting sector and so it is time for Eurosport to enter the market. Sports betting is no longer perceived as linked to negative rules, and it offers a more engaging way to enjoy sports.”

This complementary business model, however, can also turn  into a more engaging way to broadcast sports. Which interests should Eurosport consider when making its program- the ones of its paying player target base or the ones its traditional non-paying audience. We would not like to sound fatally pessimistic, but there is little doubt that a commercial broadcaster like Eurosport might  soon have to reconsider some of its basic publicistic arguments.

For further information: and mediaweek



  1. I never knew this thing. Thanks for sharing the update.

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