Posted by: euromediablog | June 25, 2009

Internet Tax for Newspapers in the Netherlands

With more and more people readers abolishing the print sector on behalf of the internet alternatives, the government in Holland has been intensely pondering over financial initiatives that would stimulate the newspaper development in the country.

A commission, headed by former Christian democratic (CDA) politician Elco Brinkman, proposed to tax the Internet subscriptions of Dutch consumers by a few euros per year. This could yield about 12 million euros, with which the government should stimulate “new initiatives from the press sector.”

Critics of the proposal fear that such financial aid would increase the dependency of the press from the state.This is due to the usolved problem of the distribution of state aid that leaves two basic questions unanswered:

1.How subjective will the selection criteria for the financial funding really be and  2. how critical to the government will the newspapers concerned actually report, as long as their financial security depends on the financial benevolence of the state authorities?

For further information: nisnews


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