Posted by: euromediablog | July 1, 2009

Salary Ceilings in Dutsch Television

This is the new idea of Media Minister Ronald Plasterk and it aims at keeping public service broadcasters social institutions. The maximum sum a PSB journalist or presenter may earn will thus be limited to 181 ooo € per year,  which makes 15 000 per month.

The severity of this rule, however,  did not appeal to PSB directors who got scared of loosing their best talents to private competitors offering higher salaries. A compromise in this direction was reached with a special exception for unique talents and TV stars, whose contracts wont be subdued to the”Balkenende salary norm”.

But who can judge if a moderator is a unique talent or an average social workers? The broadcasters themselves? In this case it might be useful to limit the number of high-paid stars to 10 per broadcster for example, because it is really not in the interest of the public to fund the development of TV Stars and to finance their high paid contracts, in order to keep them away from the commercial broadcasters.

For further information: nisnews


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