Posted by: euromediablog | July 6, 2009

Goodbye Premiere- Hello SKY!

Only one year has passed, since Rupert Murdoch bought his first Premiere-shares – many things have already changed: In the beginning there was the big scandal with the false customer numbers of the old management- they had  claimed to have more customers than they actually did. The result of the disclosures was disastrous- in one singular day Premiere lost more than 50 % of its market value.

The newly appointed Mark Williams, ex-CEO of SKY Italia, was brought from Murdoch in order to find a cure for the lousy pay-tv business in the country and to clean the image of the only German pay-tv provider. For the first task he worked out a capital increase of 411 million euro and initiated a large scale investment programme.  For the second one he decided to kiss Premiere’s past goodbye and start clean- the change of names speaks for itself.

We offer you the first SKY spot- if you find a big difference to Premiere’s contents please inform us  – we will be glad to know.


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