Posted by: euromediablog | July 7, 2009

TVE without advertisements from Wednesday

Spain’s socialist government has proposed a controversial reform of the country’s public broadcaster which will ban the transmission of advertisements on its channels. This will lead to a shortage of about 500 million euro.  Of course the ruling has foreseen a compensation for the advertising revenues being lost-  it will be up to the commercial broadcasters to fill TVE’s financial gaps by submitting annually about 3 % of their turnover.

Critics of the reform doubt that these 3 % in the time of crisis will be enough to compensate the TVE’s losses and fear that more costcuts are to be expected. Another obstacle for Spain’s public service broadcaster will be the ban to acquire rights on  sport events with public money. After wednesday’s reform TVE will, however,  rely solely on public money, so it will thus  completely be “switched off” the market for mass attractive sport events and will have to concentrate on less popular quality contents in order to serve the public.

The bill will be voted upon on wednesday.

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  1. […] 2) The second argument regards a  recent statement of his, claiming to know “nothing about television”- a pretty contestable starting point for a future president of RTVE. Especially, when he is expected to conduct one of the most controversial reforms in Spain’s media policy,  by withdrawing RTVE from the advertising market- a measure that would deprive the broadcaster of more than 500 million euro per year. […]

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