Posted by: euromediablog | July 27, 2009

Swiss Broadcaster RSG Considers merging its Radio- and Television Departments

According to the latest plans of the Swiss broadcaster both institutions are to be put together and thus manage multimedia content production more efficiently. The idea bases on the assumption that this melting measure can both cut costs and improve branding in the digital age.

But how advanced is the media convergence actually?

In a pretty sceptical article in NZZ, Roy Oppenheim- former SRG manager- argues that media convergence is not as self explanatory as some media planners want it to be. He differentiates between production, dissemination and reception convergence and claims that the process has not yet reached the necessary dimensions required for the proposed SRG institutional reform. Journalists working equally well for radio and television do not exist and the media usage of these channels remains also worlds apart.

So, before merging  whole institutional departments together by hoping that things should work out- one should maybe give it a try in local units and check how ripe media convergence (in all its facets) really is.

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