Posted by: euromediablog | July 29, 2009

RAI Withdraws Its Digital Service From SKY Italia

Italy’s public Broadcaster RAI is planning to withdraw its 5 satelite channels from SKY’s broadcasting plattform. This is the result of failed negotiations between both corporations about an eventual contract extension. Murdoch’s company offered 425 million euro for seven years which was apparently not enogh for RAI. One of the most reasonable expalanations for RAIs withdrawal is its cooperation with Mediaset in launching their own sattelite plattform- TIVU, which turns out to be a direct rival of SKY on the satelite market.

In comparison to other pubic service broadcasters in Europe however (BBC, ARD) RAI’s attitude seems to be more competitive than necessary. After all the purpose of a public broadcaster is to provide useful contents for its publics regardless of the channel. Excluding potential viewers from the public channels (SKY subsribers for example) does not really seem to match one of the major objectives of  the public remit RAI is obliged to and namely- Universal Access. But Italy is a strange countries, where public service broadcasters do not always have to serve the interests of the public.

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