Posted by: euromediablog | August 5, 2009

Le Figaro Introduces Paid Content Online. Any Volunteers to Pay?

According to Editors Weblog the newly produced content will be launched in the early 2010. It shall not interfere with the freely available content on the website, since it will be extra produced by  journalists, hired especially for that purpose.

After Luc de Barochez, chief editor of, the new content will thus contribute to the thematic development of France’s most popular information site. It has not been decided yet, how to charge for the new service- on the basis of a subsciption or after the “pay per article” model.

This idea is not new but it remains a pretty risky business model in the times of the information economy. First of all, the copyrights of all information products in the digital world are still pretty shaky and thus difficult to protect. Secondly, the willingness to pay online of internet users is not as high as expected. According to the latest EU report on the topic, only one third of the 16-24 year olds are prepared to pay for content online. This group is pretty important because it constitutes more than 60 % of all internet users.

We ll be looking forward to the development of Figaro’s project, but we can be sure that changing consumer habits  might result tougher than it seems.

For further Information: Editors Weblog- here and here



  1. […] “Copy/Payste”- Business Model for Independent The financial crisis in the advertising sector turns out to be a pretty productive context for new business models in the newspaper sector. After realising that advertising alone can not provide enough revenues for the production of quality content online,  many publishers started implementing new ideas for funding print/internet journalism: Rupert Murdoch already  announced a withdrawal from the advertising-financed free content provision, Figaro introduced a pay per article business model. […]

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