Posted by: euromediablog | August 10, 2009

Digital Europe Grows Part II

The development of the European information society is accelerating with a significant pace. Not only the broadband access to internet, but also the digital reception of television in European households provide optimistic figures.

According to the data of the E-Media Institute the number of western European digital TV households has grown by more than 49% in the last two years  to more than 108 million—almost 64% of total TV households. The fastest growing digital TV platform was IPTV, which was up over 170% since March 2007, followed by DTT, growing by almost 76%.

As a matter of fact, the development of IPTV depends directly on the growth of the broadband internet access, since the IPTV-Offer is a part of the Triple Play business models of almost all European Telecoms…

Soon, television will have a completely different profile.. new providers, new business models, new recepients- we will just have to figure out a new name..

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For further information: e-media institute



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