Posted by: euromediablog | August 13, 2009

Rise & Fall

The German publishing house „Axel Springer“ owns the leading daily newspaper (circulation of about half a million) on the Polish yellow press market – „Fakt“. As a matter of fact and furthermore, in 2007 the company  introduced to the Polish quality newspaper market a flagship called “Dziennik”.

Winning a battle,…
Dziennik used the presidential election at the time to position itself between the main players on the market – “Gazeta Wyborcza” and “Rzeczpospolita”. After developing an image of neutral reporting it successfully managed to win tens of thousands of the competitors’ readers for itself.

…losing the war.
The flying start for Dziennik with circulation of 260.000 turned into agony in 2008 shrinking to 158.000, before it hit the bottom in February 2009 reaching a year-to-year fall of 44 per cent to 88.000.

The failure might have been caused by a weaker identity than the competitors – Rzeczpospolita being respected for business reporting and Gazeta Wyborcza having nationwide network providing local news reporting.

The Polish department of Axel Springer had to act. In spring 2009 it decided to merge Dziennik with another newspaper called Gazeta Prawna (49% ownership). The latter is specialised in business and law news and should strengthen and save Dziennik’s potential.

For further information: Süddeutsche Zeitung (11.08.2009)


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