Posted by: euromediablog | August 18, 2009

Hard Reforms for PSB Funding in Estonia

Public Service Funding has become a political scapegoat in the times of financial crisis. This development is pretty actual in Estonia  with just a month ahead of  the municipal elections.

The baltic state has a pretty innovative funding modell: ETV, the national public service broadcaster is completely free of advertising, the revenues of which have been left completely to the commercial broadcasters (Kanal 2 and TV3) in the country. In exchange they are annually  obliged to pay a licence fee of about 2 million euro- that should compensate ETV’s losses.

The ruling coalitition, however, is  planning to cancel the license fees, in favour of the commercial broadcasters, and thus drastically reduce the annual budget of the public service broadcaster. This measure is supposed to benefit primarily  Kanal 2 and TV3,  which  areEstonia’s most influential opinion makers.

It is somehow difficult to hope that the new proposal has nothing to do with the coming elections.

For further Information: medianetwork


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