Posted by: euromediablog | October 1, 2009

Digital Publishers in the U.K to Charge for Content

Charging for online content turns out to be the dominant business modell in the Britisch digital publishing industry.  This is the major conclusion of this year’s AOP survey (Association of Online Publishers), according to which more than 70% of the digital publishers in Great Britain are inclined to introduce content charging for their online services. In comparison to 2007, the number of the charging-volunteers grows by 24% which is primarily referred to the “concussion” of the advertising industry in the times of crisis.

According to  their business strategies most of the interviewed enterpreneurs (33%) will be focusing on models of micropayment by charging for separate articles instead of  whole subscriptions.

Mobile applications are undisputably  seen by all as the biggest hope for the future.One of the main reasons for that is the difference between internet and cell phone consumer culture. While internet services are primarily expected to be for free, the mobile ones have always been charged for- this would automatically increase the willingness to pay of the future content users using mobile applications.

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