Posted by: euromediablog | October 4, 2009

Multilingual Broadcasting in Turkey on the way

On the basis of a petition signed by a group of private broadcasters, the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) is considering a general permission for private media companies to broadcast in local dialects.Following the decision to launch TRT 6, a state-owned channel that broadcasts in Kurdish 24 hours a day, together with the introduction of an Armenian broadcasting service,  the government is now planning on granting private stations the right to broadcast in other languages as well.

An eventual positive decision on the matter, however, will  not be of universal character, since most multilingual permissions have to be accompanied by demographic surveys researching the audience composition in the relevant area. Pretty interesting is the case with languages like Armenian and Kurdish, because of their political relevance. In the case of the request for Armenian broadcasting- a precedent in turkish broadcasting regulation- the final decision was even  left over to the government itself.

Generally, the new orientation of the Turkish broadcasting regulation is to be regarded as a step towards a more democratic media system and  more tolerance towards minorities. All prerequisites for an eventual future membership in the European Union.

For further information: todayzaman


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