Posted by: euromediablog | October 6, 2009

World Cup Qualifier Exclusively on Internet

According to the rulings of the TWF Directive from 1997 events of general public significance are to be broadcasted free for the public. The member states were then allowed to publish lists with such events that were supposed to be accessible to the general public. Most countries included olympic games and world cup football games with national participation.

The transmission of this week’s world cup qualifier between the teams of England and Ukraine, however, will be restricted to a limited amount of internet users willing to pay a pay per view fee between 5 and 12 pounds. With none of the major free to air broadcasters in the country showing  any significant interest in broadcasting the game, the qualifier will be transmitted exclusively in Internet: for the first time ever. So far so good- but  here we refer back to the list of events of  general public significance: How come is a world cup qualifier not on this list? After all, this is a game of the national team of a country, known as the birthplace of football.

For further information: medianetwork


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