Posted by: euromediablog | October 7, 2009

London Evening Standard for free.

The London Evening Standard is one of the oldest newspapers in Great Britain, publishing since 1827. On 12.10.2009 it is about to become the first quality newspaper to be turned into a free-sheet. In these turbulent times, when many media publishers like Figaro and Murdoch,  have been intensively  working on business models to charge for their online contents, the newspaper proprietor Lebedev has just announced  that from October 12 it will become  the first quality newspaper in the world to cease charging readers for its print edition.

A reform like that seems pretty brave for a newspaper with more than 150 years of publishing tradition. Most experts refer this measure,however,to the pluralisation of free news sources available to the readers, which automatically reduce  their willingness to pay for a special afternoon edition. The new funding model will boost the circulation from 250 to 600 thousand copies daily and thus try to attract some stable advertising, in order to compensate the revenue losses.

Newspaper owner Lebedev claims that this reform will neither lead to a loss of quality nor to any significant job cuts. However, it is still somehow difficult to believe him.

For further information: pressgazzette

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