Posted by: euromediablog | October 8, 2009

Kindle to Officially Enter the German Market

And is there any better place to introduce Amazon’s  digital reading device than on the book fair in Frankfurt? From today on, Kindle will be officcially available on the German market, generating revenue hopes not only for Amazon but also for the publishing industry as a whole.

The lack of german books and publications tailored specially for the 2GB digital reader, however,  could easily turn into a major obstacle for Kindle’s future market success. Up to now most Germans are not familiar with the device (less than 50 %) and the impossibility to read in their mother tongue will not exactly boost Kindle’s popularity.

Future users will thus have to settle for  e-books in English. At least for the coming months. After that, the publishing industry in the country is  expected to soon provide enough German content, to satisfy the demand of the emerging market. Accross the whole publishing industry Kindle is regarder as one of the most perspective developments in the field of digital publishing.

For further information: manager magazin

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