Posted by: euromediablog | October 12, 2009

European TV News Market Under Threat?

The development of the European TV news sector in the last five years can be obviously defined as a boost.Today there are 162 national and international news channels available to viewers around Europe that generate a total revenue of about 1,5 billion euros.  According to Andrè Lange, head of markets and financing at the European Audiovisual Observatory, this expansion is due to  the growth of multi-channel platforms (satellite, cable, ADSL and television for mobile telephones etc.) around the continent.

The future of this market, however, turns out to be pretty uncertain. A general reorientation of the audience towards Internet as a primary news source redirects  advertising revenues out of broadcasting news market into the net. “In certain countries such as Germany and Denmark, advertising on the Internet is starting to overtake TV advertising even if television audiences remain much higher than Internet audiences,” argues Lange and expects a fierce competition among broadcasters and publishers for the distribution of  growing advertising revenues on the fledging digital news market.

Although mobile applications, that can adapt the distribution of news coverage on the fast growing cell phone market,  are anticipated with hope by the news industry many  news broadcasters, especially  the independent ones, are expected to go bust in the coming years.

For further information: medianetwork


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