Posted by: euromediablog | October 24, 2009

Russia Online

Directing the information flow on the internet is the new aspiration of the Russian state. The government has most of russian television channels and newspapers in its power and is now aiming at penentrating social networks. as well.  Thus it should be finally be able to redirect the public opinion of the digital natives in the country.

For this purpose the ministry of Press and Communications is offering up to 5 million rubles (almost $166,000) to the company that could provide “effective mechanisms of promoting the interests of the federal bodies of the executive branch of power on specialized social networking sites.”

But is a software programme enough to penetrate the public discourse on critical topics? Manpower is definetely needed and the Russian authorities expect to find it in the beurocratic apparatus, engaging state clerks as virtual opinion leaders. An interesting aspiration, aiming to transform virtual discussion forums into plattforms for state announcements.

Another proof that technology alone, does not boost democracy- it’s all about what people make of it.

For further information: moscowtimes


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