Posted by: euromediablog | October 28, 2009

Disconnecting Internet Pirates in Europe

The European Parliament has just  dropped an amendment to its Telcoms Package which would have made it hard for countries to cut off pirates without court authority. This step was a result of the political pressure, some European countries have been  imposing upon Brussels, in order to be able to apply harsher and more effective penal laws against illegal file sharing.

The most emblematic case has been that of France, where a special agency was founded (HADOPI) with the purpose of combatting internet piracy.The main aim of the HADOPI law was to disconnect illegal file sharers up to a year without the necessity of a long lasting trial. The inclusion of internet access as a universal human right in EU Telecommunications policy turned out to be one of the major obstacles for this approach.

With the ammendment being dropped, the discussion, whether the deprivation of internet access should be judicially accounted fo, will be relocated on national level. A process that already produces pretty controversial perspectives on the matter. Just take a look at France, Great Britain and Finland.

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Welcome Hadopi!

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