Posted by: euromediablog | October 29, 2009

Censorship? Never Heard of It!

Kosovo’s government has vehemently denied  EBU’s monday’s reproach, which criticized the political pressure being put upon local public service broadcaster RTK. Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci even invited EBU represantatives to monitor RTK news coverage before the coming elections and refused to admit any forms of political censorship in the broadcaster.

A certain suspicion of hidden censorship in the new country  however remains: the biggest problem, is that it is pretty difficult to prove. Journalistic autonomy can  easily be abandoned for the sake of a better salary or a higher position. And this unspoken relationship between  politicians in power and obedient journalists is namely the core problem of hidden censorship. Unfortunately, it is also a secret most peope know, but nobody’s willing to confess. Why should Kosovo’s deputy prime minister make an exception?

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For further information: SETimes


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