Posted by: euromediablog | November 7, 2009

IPTV Market in Germany still promising

Many people regard the German TV Market (biggest one in Europe) as one of the most problematic ones on the continent. The reason is simple: there is simply too many free tv providers, a fact that  leads to a decrease in the audience’s willingness to pay for television services. It is not a coincidence that until now, the German pay tv provider (formerly Premiere- now SKY) still hasn’t managed to attract even half of the subscribers  pay tv providers in other countries (France, Great Britain) have. The introduction of new digital transmission modes like (IPTV) has also been hesitating, because of the reluctancy of the German TV consumer to abandon his cable free tv viewing mode.

But according to the data of the latest DELPHI research (EICT, TNS, Deutsche Telekom) the perspectives of the IPTV Market in the country are to be more promising than expected. More than 550 experts were questioned on the future of IPTV in Germany and almost 70 % expect, that IPTV will have conquered the audiovisual market until 2014.

BITKOM’s (Germany’s telecommunications business association) numbers also point in the same direction, as they predict a total market of 1.8 billion subscribers for 2010. This prediction would mean a total growth of 50 % in comparison to 2009- a pretty significant boost for the “free tv cable-country”.

What’s worrying about the data of the survey however, is the fact that one of its major sponsors is the German Telecom- the company with the largest investments in  the new market. In such cases it is always difficult to differentiate between objective predictions and wishes.

For further information: handelsblatt


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