Posted by: euromediablog | November 16, 2009

How Old is the New RTVE?

81 years.

At least, that is the age of the newly appointed RTVE president- Alberto Oliart, former defence Minister of Spain. His assignment resulted as a compromise between the Socialist and the Popular parties in the country, after Luis Fernandez, former president of the broadcaster,  resigned on Friday.

Oliart’s nomination has been intensively disputed since then. Two major arguments  do not speak in his favour:

1) In 2007 RTVE introduced a restructuring plan to reduce its workforce by nearly 4,000 by forcing all employees over 52 to take early retirement. On this background, the appointment of a 81 year old president somehow loses plausibility.

2) The second argument regards a  recent statement of his, claiming to know “nothing about television”- a pretty contestable starting point for a future president of RTVE. Especially, when he is expected to conduct one of the most controversial reforms in Spain’s media policy,  by withdrawing RTVE from the advertising market- a measure that would deprive the broadcaster of more than 500 million euro per year.

This reform that already induced the resignation of Fernandez. He was almost 30 years younger…

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