Posted by: euromediablog | January 10, 2010

Journalist Post Mortum: Bobi Tsankov

Sofia City – 05.01.2010 –  12:30

Bobi Tsankov is shot dead in an ambush in the centre of the Bulgarian capital.

The following days are signed by a collective  grievance in all Western media, mourning the next demonstrative murder of a journalist trying to fight crime. Here an example from Deutsche Welle:

“Bulgarian journalist shot dead in Sofia

A prominent Bulgarian radio presenter and author, Bobi Tsankov, was shot dead in the capital Sofia on Tuesday. His murder is believed to be connected with his investigations into organized crime in the country”

Of course the killing a young man (29)  on one of Sofia’s most central streets because of his uncomfortable statements is something terrible but please do not call him a journalist and do not call his publishing work investigative. We are speaking about a member of the organised crime in Bulgaria that was misusing the media publicity in order to persue particular business interests and NOT the public one.

In his short life, Bobi Tsankov was sued 12 times because of treachery- a fact pretty uncommon for a journalist fighting for the public cause.

And please do not get me wrong: It is not that he deserved his death – but he should not be glorified and or compared with classical cases like that of Politkovskaya.



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