About the Blog

This blog’s aim is to present a selection of news concerning the media landscape in Europe. Although contemporary media is strongly affected by globalisation, I firmly believe that the European mass communication system has its own specific elements and dynamics , due to its political and historical development. Hereby I implement a broader concept of Europe, including not only the EU member states, but also other countries, such as Russia, Switzerland, the former Yugoslavian republics and the Caucasian countries.

In the course of time that brought digitalisation, globalisation and commercialisation, media has turned into an extremely complex object, comprising all possible forms of communication. In my blog I will explicitly concentrate on media forms that serve purposes of mass communication, as I try to ” sensor” current changes  in the spheres of technology, law-making, policy and economy, that have a major impact on the development of European media systems.

About the Author

Stoyan Radoslavov is a student research assistant at the Department for Media Systems in international Comparison at the Ruhr University Bochum with special interests in the sphere of European Media Policy, Economy and Technology.

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